About STO

Germany’s leading private incubator STARTPLATZ (Cologne), Cashlink Technologies (Frankfurt) and clean-tech company poligy (Dusseldorf) are jointly offering an innovative form of acquiring digital securities for qualified investors and selected individuals.

The security token offering (STO) is a digital investment instrument. With poligy’s digital securities – the “Security Tokens” – investors can purchase the digital shares of poligy quickly, securely and from anywhere in the world. As the result, they participate in the economic success of poligy GmbH under German law with the status of an equity-like investment.

The investor receives a pro rata participation in each profit distribution for the shareholders, as well as in the case of clearly defined events (e.g. IPO, significant share sales or other exit events). 

Benefit for STO investors

For more information on STO, please visit the website of our technical partner, Cashlink Technologies https://cashlink.de/en/homepage-en/.

Six steps to become a STO-investor

1. Join a personal information interview

The investment is based on a “security token offering” and in the form of “security tokens”. These are counterfeit-proof and non-duplicable digital securities that are exchanged via the technical service provider. There is a direct contractual relationship between the qualified, EU-resident investor and poligy GmbH in Dusseldorf. The sold tokens are provided to the investor as the contents for a secure wallet. The transaction can be made anytime, from anywhere in the world. Find out more in the personal information conversation.

2. Request invitation, make an offer

During an informative meeting or webinar, an interested investor receives his/her individual digital invitation, the so-called “investment link”, with the help of which he can request detailed information about poligy and submit a binding investment offer.

3. Buy tokens

Upon receipt of the offer from the technical service provider, the investor is guided through an identification process of his/her person and/or company. After the successful identification, poligy decides on the confirmation of the offer.

4. Trade digitally with tokens

Through the platform of the technical service provider the investor can easily keep track of all his investments. He will also be given the opportunity to offer the shares of poligy to other investors through the service provider later on the platform, as well as to buy shares of companies from other investors in the form of tokens, traded on the marketplace.

5. Stay updated

Poligy is obliged to inform the investor quarterly confidentially about the key performance indicators of the company. Moreover, significant activities are continuously shared on the poligy website.

6. Get revenue

In the event of profit distribution or clearly defined events (such as IPO, significant sale of shares or other exit events), the investor will automatically receive the payout due to his/her, hassle-free.