Dear investors,

The worldwide potential of unused industrial and solar waste heat is billions. So that you can easily participate in poligy in order to develop these energy markets with us, we offer you digital securities.

With these digital profit participation rights, you share a share in the success of poligy GmbH: in the distribution of profits, in significant share sales and in the event of a possible IPO. These digital securities are available online and easily transferable to acquaintances you know.

Gone are the days when investing in early stages of the company meant that it was only the time-consuming process of notary work and participation as a shareholder – and you as a party ultimately had to tie your capital for years. You invest in larger or smaller “tickets” at your discretion, allowing you to spread your funds and risks across different sectors.

All investments are made in Germany according to identical contracts developed for German law.

Your funds flow directly from your bank to your investment properties via the intermediary in euros, in return you will receive forgery-proof non-copyable “security tokens” in your online depot. The transaction and your values ​​are saved via the block chain.

It’s neither cryptocurrency nor crowd funding, but digitally part of the company’s overall success.

According to a Global Market Insights Inc. study from early 2019, the worldwide waste heat market will grow from $ 40 billion in revenue in 2018 to more than $ 80 billion in revenue in 2025.

Get involved in unlocking this potential with our award-winning technology. For further information of all kinds, I am personally available for you at any time.

Best regards

Martin Huber & Artur Steffen
Founder and managing partners
poligy GmbH

Executive Summary

Clean-Tech poligy, Germany’s leading private incubator STARTPLATZ (Cologne) and Cashlink Technologies (Frankfurt) are jointly offering a novel form of acquiring digital securities for qualified investors and selected individuals *.

With poligy’s digital securities – the “Security Token” – investors can purchase poligy shares quickly, securely and from anywhere in the world. As a result, he participates in the economic success of poligy GmbH under German law with the status of an equity-like investment.

The investor receives a pro rata participation in each profit distribution for the shareholders as well as in the case of clearly defined events (eg IPO, significant share sales or other exit events). The investment is carried out in an environment regulated for Germany.

The product of poligy is the novel and patented plastic bipolymer. The bipolymers are two-ply plastic strips. By changing the temperature from 30 ° C, the plastic strips deform strongly, thus driving the generator of a heat engine. So industrial waste heat and solar heat is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than conventional technologies to be converted into electricity.

Therefore, experts believe that this new material can revolutionize the transformation of solar and industrial heat into electricity. So the invention of awarded the “Future Materials” prize by Handelsblatt. In addition, poligy was included in the top 100 list of the “Start Up Energy Transition (SET)” as one of the world’s major energy start-ups.

Compact information about poligy for investors can be found in our onepager (link). You will learn more about poligy’s digital securities and the conditions as well as about our markets, business models and roadmap in your personal briefing by telephone or video call.

Six easy steps

Personal information talk:
The investment is based on a “security token offering” and in “security tokens”. These are counterfeit-proof and non-duplicable digital securities that are exchanged via the technical service provider. There is a direct contractual relationship between the qualified, resident in the EU investor and the poligy GmbH in Dusseldorf. The tokens sold are provided to the investor as the contents of a secure wallet. The transaction can be made anytime, anywhere in the world. Find out more in the personal information talk.

Request invitation, make an offer:
In an informative meeting or via a webinar, the investor of poligy receives his individual digital invitation, the so-called “investment link”, via which he can retrieve detailed facts about poligy and submit a binding investment offer.

Buy tokens:
Upon receipt of the offer by the technical service provider, the investor is guided through an identification process concerning his person or his company. After successful identification, poligy decides on the acceptance of the offer.

Trading digitally with tokens:
Through the platform of the technical service provider, the investor can easily keep track of all his investments. He will also be given the opportunity later to offer the poligy shares through the service provider to other investors on the platform and to buy shares in companies from other investors in the form of tokens traded on the marketplace.

Continuous information:
Poligy informs the investor quarterly confidentially about the key performance indicators of the company. In addition, significant activities are continuously communicated on the poligy website.

Automatical revenue:
In the event of any distribution of profits or in the case of clearly defined events (such as an IPO, significant sale of Shares or other exit events), the investor will automatically receive the payout due to him. He does not have to take care of his own investment.

Your advantages as an investor

Higher fungibility:
The digital poligy security is easily transferable. The investor is not – as a classical shareholder – indefinitely bound to his investment in poligy.

Wider diversification / smaller tickets:
The smaller ticket size makes it easier to make more manageable investments in poligy and other companies. On the same contract basis according to the same simple procedure. This way, risks can be easily spread and capital can be diversified more broadly.

Made in Germany:
The poligy security is designed in cooperation with an international law firm under German law. The investor invests directly in poligy as a German corporation domiciled in Düsseldorf, NRW.

German technical service provider:
The digital security is provided technically via Cashlink Technologies GmbH (Frankfurt). The cash flow is made in euros directly from the investor’s bank to the bank of poligy. The investor receives the digital securities via the online wallet.

No crowd funding, no bitcoins:
The security is available exclusively to qualified investors, not to private investors, so it is not crowd funding. There is no payment in crypto currency.

Technology leap against climate change

Venture capital markets billions of unused waste heat

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