The Energy Revolution

poligy makes green energy affordable for everyone!

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The Product Our solar modules with patented Bipolymere technology are revolutionizing the energy industry.

Not only do our solar modules generate electricity, they also provide heat and have an integrated energy storage system. Therefore, expensive batteries become unnecessary and available space on the roof is used efficiently. Our production process only needs a miniscule amount of electricity. Adding to that, recycling our polymers is very easy and environmentally friendly as there are no hazardous materials processed. The poligy modules provide the customer with green energy and heat for his house the whole year. At the same time we can offer our product below the cost of photovoltaics with battery storage.

The future of solar energy

Learn how Bipolymers are shaping the future of energy generation.

True green electricity

See how Bipolymers save the enviroment and help to fight climate change.

How our bipolymers work

Bipolymers are a new material with fantastic properties. Have a deeper look how we use Bipolymers for energy generation.

Martin Huber CEO, M.Sc. Business Chemistry 5+ years in engineering and 3D-Printing expert
Artur Steffen CEO, M.A. Entrepreneurship Serial Entrepreneur
Martin Thöle Interim CFO, M.Sc. Management and Accountant 15+ years in management
Falk Janclas Intern, B.Sc. mechanical engineering
Vladimir Chikovskiy Strategic Advisor Senior Market Analyst for renewable energy
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handelsblatt university innovation challenge future materials award poligy
hhu ideenwettbewerb 2017
material connexion seal of material excellence poligy